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minc skills

As part of our skills service we help small and medium sized businesses to do this, recognising we live in an age where skilled resource is in short supply and getting the most out of your team is paramount to business success.

minc people

We help manage your people issues such as recruitment, sickness and disciplinary situations so that you don’t get bogged down in issues that distract you from running the business.

minc learning & development

We help organisations get increased performance and satisfaction from their staff by working with individuals to develop their skills both inside and outside the workplace.


minc marketing

Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to increase sales or grow their client base. With minc’s marketing and social media expertise supporting your business, you will be to get your message across to potential customers.

minc money

Our team understands that keeping on top of your books is crucial for any business and that the repercussions of making mistakes can very costly. By using our specialists, we can take away that concern for you.

minc technology

It is important to understand where the use of technology can help your business, whether that be through the software on your website, speeding up processes or using technology to work more efficiently. Our team can help you find and integrate the right software for you.

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