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About Us

minc was formed in 2014 and has been supporting businesses with their day to day tasks ever since. Whether it is a one-off project or a full outsourcing solution our team helps organisations fill in where gaps may exist and ultimately take time-consuming tasks away from leadership teams, empowering them to spend more time focusing on driving their business forward.

minc CEO Neil Franklin set out to create a company that could better serve clients than companies he had worked with in the past and this ethos of prioritising client service and going above and beyond is something that runs through the whole team.

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Flexibility - Our flexible support ranges across a variety of services and is designed to fit each client's individual needs. 

Looking for an HR expert to call in times of crisis, We can help.
Do you need support with recruitment and/or upskilling your team? We've got that covered.
"Can you be my outsourced marketing department?" We certainly can!

We mould ourselves to fit your organisation, not the other way round.

It can often be hard for people to spot the limiting factors within their own organisation. Therefore, a lot of what we do for businesses starts with troubleshooting to determine where improvements can be found. 

Our team has over 15 years of experience working with organisations of all shapes and sizes and while every business is different some lessons can be valuable to anyone. 

If you know where you want to get to, our specialists can help you get there.

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