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Workforce planning

The UK’s ongoing economic uncertainty means businesses need to create certainty where they can, making sure they are lean but still operating effectively. This means having an effective plan for all of their resources, including their workforce. Here are some tips for planning your workforce effectively in 2023.

Identify areas of growth

A good place to begin is by focussing on the positives of your business: where do you think there are opportunities for growth? If you provide a range of products or services, where are you likely to need new resources in order to keep up with demand? Be sure to consider any projects you have in the pipeline or other ambitions you may have for your business, thinking about what skills will be required to complete them and in what teams. For example, if you want to be producing more content marketing, you may need someone who is adept at strategising, as well as someone who can actually produce the content.

Are there any issues?

Looking at the positives is one thing, but it’s also important to identify areas where there may be issues. Is there an area that has an unusually high turnover of staff, or perhaps a division that is continually underperforming? It may be that focussing recruitment efforts on getting the right candidate for these roles may be a solution, or perhaps a reorganisation.

Focus on yourself

If you have managed to grow a business to the point where you need multiple employees, it’s clear that you are doing something right. That said, if you have expertise in one area, but need support in another, it can be difficult to identify the right candidate for that role if you don’t already have the experience. The answer may be outsourcing. Finding a team of experts that can assess your situation and provide solutions tailored to you is a great way of allowing your business to grow, without having to go through the trouble of bringing people in on a permanent basis who may be the wrong fit.


Of course, sometimes painful decisions have to made. This is always a difficult process, especially when the employees are valued members of the team. It’s always worth considering if your recruitment spend could be better spent on training current staff to make them more capable of fulfilling the business’s needs.

Once you’ve gained this insight into your workforce, it’s important to continue to evaluate it so you can react to any changes in the needs of the company effectively. A sudden resignation can leave projects or other efforts in stasis, so knowing exactly what everyone is bringing to the table will help you react to these unfortunate situations.

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