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Three must-have productivity apps for 2023

Most of us want to start a new year being a better version of ourselves, usually this focus is placed on fitness, health, and personal development.

For those looking to also start the new year will higher levels of productivity when it comes to their day-to-day work, here are five apps to help you get started.


TeuxDeux is an online to-do list that can take the way you manage tasks to the next level. The app enables you to link to-do lists on your phone and PC, set up recurring tasks, have separate lists for different projects and give you a fluid way to control the way you organise your working week.

The other benefit of TeuxDeux is that you can also set up lists for your personal life in a dashboard that has a high-level of customisability.

Download TeuxDeux here:


One way to boost your productivity in 2023 is to utilise the skills and time of other people, allowing you to spend your time on what matters the most. Apps like Fiverr allow you to hire freelancers from around the world to complete creative tasks for you or your business.

Some of the services that are available on Fiverr cover music & audio, video & editing, writing & translation and much more.

Learn more about Fiverr here:


Evernote allows you to stay extremely organised and put all of the things you need to remember, sort, and follow up on, in one place. From a business side of things Evernote is a great way to document a sales process and track where leads are, on their way to becoming clients and can be utilised by an entire team.

The app is free and connects your desktop to your phone and can hold, PDFs, images, audio and more.

Try Evernote out here:

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