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The benefits of training your team - External workshop providers

As a business owner, and especially an SME owner, it’s often advantageous to try to upskill and train your existing staff rather than bring new staff in. But what’s the best way to target, develop and deliver your training strategy? One of the sure-fire ways to get good ROI on your training spend is to bring in an external workshop provider, here’s how they can help your staff acquire the skills they need.

More control over training costs When you run training internally, that means you’re responsible for all aspects of its planning, production and delivery. This can incur surprisingly heavy costs, mainly through time lost to these tasks that could be spent on your day-to-day operations, but also other inefficiencies that come with inexperience. While it can be productive to spend some time properly pinpointing your team’s shortcomings and establishing what skills you need to spend time improving through training, it’s almost always better to then outsource the training itself to someone with the proper skillset to effectively deliver it.

Fresh eyes and fresh ideas It’s worth remembering that if you decide to do training internally, you may make mistakes and not overcome the knowledge or skill limitations that meant you needed to do training in the first place. External training will allow fresh eyes and fresh ideas to enter your business, providing an important boost for your staff and by extension your productivity. Groupthink and stagnation can be a big problem in businesses that keep everything internal, so be sure to make sure you and your staff are up-to-date on the latest processes, skillsets and business culture trends.

Expert knowledge and delivery Training providers will have experience delivering training in a variety of organisations and will be able to use that experience to effectively adapt content and delivery to your organisational needs, especially if they’re specialists in a given area. This will ensure that your staff are trained effectively. If you build a relationship with a training provider, they’ll be able to specialise and adapt their training even further, giving even greater ROI on your training spend. While the COVID-19 pandemic does continue to limit the possibilities for bringing in external training providers, many of these providers have made a shift to online workshops for the foreseeable future. These sessions can still be effective, especially if your staff are currently working from home. Work can become somewhat monotonous at home, so mixing it up with training sessions is a great way to breathe some life in to the team. Minc offer a range of learning and development workshops, providing training on a range of subjects for a variety of your business’ needs. Find out more here.

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