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  • Neil Franklin

May 2019 sees a seminal moment in minc’s short history

5 years ago in April 2014, minc was formed to offer project and change management services primarily to the rail industry. From those early days we now offer far more services to far more sectors using far more people.

Our focus is on the micro and small companies – those that don’t have the resources, finances or time to look after everything in house.

We offer everything from strategic advice, business planning, hr support, running payroll, book-keeping, financial management, marketing support, social media execution, website development and data management.

A business will need to focus on all of those things at some point in a typical year, many on a daily basis. Which is where minc comes in.

We don’t just offer expertise and competence. We offer flexibility too. So if you want an hour a year from one of our experts getting something done, that’s ok. Equally, if you need someone deployed in your business for 4 days a week, that’s also fine.

We’re here to support you, to help your journey, to provide prosperity and above all, allow you to focus on finding and delivering what you do best.

We’re excited by the challenge and look forward to hearing from you.

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