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New year, new skills. Why 2023 is the year to invest in learning and development for your staff

The labour market is running hot at the moment, so retaining employees is harder than ever. There are so many more vacancies than people looking for jobs, so employers are having to do a lot to stand out to the best talent. With other companies dangling as many carrots as they can to talent, an employee’s current situation can seem stale and boring in comparison to the myriad of companies advertising at the moment.

One way to ensure your employees are engaged with your company and won’t be tempted away by others is to work with them to develop a learning and development programme. Here are some reasons this could help you retain staff and grow your business.

Improve company culture

Investing in learning and development helps you show your employees they are valued, and that you want them to achieve their career goals. This should have the effect of improving employee retention and lowering turnover, as it will cultivate loyalty to the company, increase job satisfaction and allow for working at your company for an extended period to factor into their life and career plans going forward.

Business will run better

If you work with your employees to design their learning and development programmes, their skills will improve in ways that will help the business as well, allowing it to grow and operate in new ways with these additional skills. This could include gaining access to new technologies or ways of working. These extra skills will combine with the improved company culture to increase productivity and make your business run better, along with keeping pace with the cutting-edge methods in your industry.

Employee goals become the business’ goals

This combined approach means that the employee’s goals and the business’ goals become aligned, growing together in ways that work for both of them. This will also help with staff morale as employees will see this and want the business to succeed so they can actualise their own goals as well. It can also create improved scope for internal promotions, further fostering company loyalty, and nurturing job satisfaction while also developing the future leaders of your business. These individuals will have both the skills from learning and development and the knowledge from working at the company for a longer time to help ensure the long-term health of your business.

Attracting better talent

Improving your learning and development offering goes both ways. Not only will it help you retain your employees, but it will also attract better employees by allowing you to compete more effectively with other businesses trying to attract talent. Having a robust learning and development offering sends a clear message about your company’s culture: that you care about your employees and want to see them succeed.

Speak to our Learning and Development team to find out more about staff training and the benefits it will have on your business.

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