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minc utilises Kickstart Scheme to help develop young professionals

It’s been a difficult 18 months for many people, with job cuts across the country due to the impact of the pandemic. Young people have been particularly impacted as they tend to fill the majority of hospitality and retail jobs, which, more than most, have been damaged by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. What's more, for those who have found themselves graduating from university or college in the last few months, taking the first step onto the job ladder has become harder than ever.

Not only are there fewer jobs available due to business closures and staffing cuts, but there is more competition for the ones that are available. Therefore it is increasingly difficult for young professionals as they may not have the experience compared to others fighting for new roles in the current job market. As a result, there are lots of talented young people out there who are looking for an opportunity to develop themselves within a professional


minc will therefore be giving an opportunity to a young professional to join our team through the Government Kickstart Scheme. The scheme focuses on getting young people into paid professional roles, where they can begin to develop their real-world experience and carve a career for themselves. As a business, minc provides a variety of management services such as HR, marketing, and training across a variety of different sectors. The role will allow someone to support us in an administrative capacity with the opportunity to support the wider minc team and learn more about our human resource and marketing offering as well.

Neil Franklin, minc’s CEO said: “The COVID pandemic has been devastating for younger people setting out on their early careers. We want to be able to help in some small way and to provide someone with a positive opportunity to get on that career ladder. “We have a big belief in training and professional development and are excited to be able to bring someone new into our team. Our hope is that the individual we bring onboard can develop a variety of key business skills and have a long successful career within minc or another business. “We’re encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to apply and are committed to fostering an equal working environment, with equal opportunities for all and we hope to give more young people opportunities like this in the future.”

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