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LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Is it worth it?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the platform’s premium services which enables users to better target users on LinkedIn. Sales Nav allows you to collate lists of leads based on a multitude of search functions and message them directly without having to connect with them first.

The chances are in you are a user of LinkedIn you will have received a message from someone using Sales Navigator and while it can be frustrating if you receive Sales messages constantly is the issue the technique itself or the way it is being used? In this article, we will explore the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, its limitations and whether it is worth the cost, which at its lowest price is $80 per month.


The main benefit of Sales Navigator is that you can message people directly even if you are not connected with them on LinkedIn. This means that you can send a message to far more people, rather than only the ones who accept your connection request. Not only can you message more people, but this means you can get through to more people faster too and as we know often these things are a numbers game in terms of offering the right service to someone at the right time.

Another benefit of Sales Navigator is being able to create distinct list-making using LinkedIn as a marketing tool a much more trackable process, this also makes it easier to manage follow-up campaigns and understand which type of leads result in higher response and ultimately acquisition rates.


In terms of limitations of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there are two that particularly stand out. One is the success rate. Sales Nav is not an automated tool and requires lots of hours to manage if you are wanting to message thousands of people in a particular target group.

Furthermore, these hours can often feel wasted due to the low levels of response rate. LinkedIn Sales Nav is something used by many people on the platform and as mentioned in the opening of this article, many users get frustrated as they are bombarded with messages trying to sell them something, often resulting in many people deleting or not reading Sales Navigator messages as they receive them. There are of course ways to make your messages stand out but the oversaturation of this tool hurts its effectiveness.

The other limitation is the cost. The minimum cost of Sales Navigator is $80 per month and while this isn’t that expensive considering the income that can be achieved by signing new clients, it seems an expensive outlay when looking at the success it delivers.

Is it worth it?

As with the majority of different marketing tools and platforms, what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another. If you are B2B business, by all means, try Sales Navigator for a few months and measure its success and the amount of time your team is spending on it.

You may find that it is extremely valuable for you, however, it is also worth investing the same $80 per month in other forms of marketing such as Facebook advertising and automation software to see which brings your business and sales process the most value.

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