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Is staff well-being more important now than ever? What should your business be offering to staff

Despite the cost-of-living crisis and resulting recession, the labour market is running very hot right now. Vacancies are at historically high levels and employers are having to compete with each other in order to attract the best talent.

As a result, candidates are going to be weighing up a lot of different things in order to make their decisions: flexibility, benefits, culture, and, of course, wages are going to play a part. One way to make your business stand out more is to have a focus on staff well-being, ensuring employees are both physically safe and mentally well at work.

Furthermore, with the labour market running so hot, ensuring your current employees are happy and satisfied will help keep them where they are and not lured away by other businesses with the resources to offer them more materially. Not to mention, a focus on staff wellbeing has shown to improve performance too!

Here are some ways of improving your staff well-being as you move into 2023.

New benefits

Having a suite of wellbeing-oriented benefits is a great way of helping to promote staff wellbeing. Things like gym membership discounts and access to free counselling are great ways of giving your employees options if they want to improve their wellbeing both day-to-day and in times of need.

Support their goals

Meeting with your teams, understanding their career goals and developing support to achieve them is a great way of improving staff wellbeing, and reducing turnover. Designing and providing learning and development programmes that will help them achieve their goals will make the employee feel valued, and if you tie their goals into those of the business, it will help the whole company going forward.

Provide wellbeing leaders

Appointing someone, or a team of people, to take the lead and be responsible for wellbeing will help all your wellbeing goals come together effectively. If people are responsible for various piecemeal parts of the programme, it can be easy for actionable things to fall down their to do lists as their primary role is likely to take priority. Rolling responsibility for these programmes into someone’s role, or appointing someone new, will help ensure these goals are fulfilled.

Potential employees all have different lives, and work needs to fit in to their lives in a way that works for them. Offering flexible working options like working from home, different start and finish hours, and job shares are excellent ways of improving staff wellbeing by helping them find a work-life balance that works for them.

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