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Hiring for now vs hiring for the future

Are you and your company considering hiring new staff? Hiring can be a complex process; seeing what your company needs and who can help deliver these needs for both current and future plans can be difficult. We’ve listed some considerations for your brand to make when thinking about recruitment, and where to outsource any missing gaps!

Firstly, we would suggest investing in employing the youth! Younger staff often have a fresh outlook on how your company can improve, many have just finished college or university, and so may have updated and improved training on your business sector! They also often have additional knowledge in social media, for example, and so may provide additional help for that aspect of your business, as well as being able to take in realms of training and education, due to your sector being an interest that is new to them, rather than older staff members who may feel lackadaisical towards their job and their sector. Many older staff members can also do this, of course, however, these skills are predominantly seen within younger generations. Additionally, they (statistically) will live longer, and so have the opportunity to grow with your company for a longer amount of time (statistically) than an older staff member. Of course, many older workers have the capacity to work the same length of time, so this is not a ‘one-size fits all’ statement!

Next, consider investing in training. No one you hire will be perfect! Look at the skills each candidate harbours and work out what you and your company can outsource for training to ensure your staff is up to scratch! Many candidates would love the opportunity of additional training, particularly if this is with certification.

Considering how your business may grow in the next 3/5 years maybe another area to look at. Seeing who you will need on board to make those plans happen may move your company into the next big thing. Why put your business on hold when you could excel in your sector with all your staff.

Take a look at what skills your team is currently lacking, and consider outsourcing expert support for your workforce planning from minc services. We offer a range of upskilling options that companies like yours could use to propel your staff and your business. Our service options include management services, looking at your strategy and where you would like to take the brand and how, as well as a learning and development service.

The learning and development service offers both face-to-face and remote workshops for your staff covering everything from HR to communication. We can coach and mentor your staff to challenge them to achieve and succeed in their goals, as well as supporting your staff through this learning journey.

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