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CASE STUDY: Transport for West Midlands ‘Cycling for everyone’ campaign

Title: Minc Marketing's Role in the Transport for West Midlands ‘Cycling for everyone’ campaign that was delivered by Cycle Confident, aimed at promoting cycling to disadvantaged communities.

Introduction: This case study focuses on the collaboration between Minc Marketing and Cycle Confident, which aimed to increase cycling participation in disadvantaged areas of West Midlands. Minc Marketing played a crucial role in implementing a targeted Facebook advertising campaign, ensuring the delivery of relevant messaging to the right audience. Through their strategic approach and effective utilisation of digital marketing tools, Minc Marketing became a key contributor to the success of the overall project.

Background: Cycle Confident, an organisation dedicated to promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation, were commissioned by Transport for West Midlands to help address the low cycling rates in disadvantaged areas. Recognising the importance of targeted marketing, Cycle Confident sought the expertise of Minc Marketing to develop and execute a focused campaign.

Implementation: Minc Marketing leveraged Facebook's advanced targeting options, such as geographic location, age, interests, and socio-economic status, to ensure that the campaign reached the intended audience. By tailoring the ads specifically to the needs and preferences of individuals in disadvantaged areas, Minc Marketing maximised the relevance and impact of the messaging focus on very specific postcodes.

Results: Thanks to Minc Marketing's expertise, the campaign achieved outstanding results. The highly targeted Facebook ads generated a significant increase in awareness and engagement among the target audience. The campaign successfully encouraged more people in disadvantaged areas to take up cycling, resulting in a notable rise in the number of participants.

Conclusion: Minc Marketing's collaboration with Cycle Confident played a pivotal role in the success of the project, promoting cycling in disadvantaged areas of West Midlands. The partnership between Minc Marketing and Cycle Confident serves as an excellent example of how targeted digital marketing can drive positive social change and improve the lives of individuals in disadvantaged areas.

- Andy Tucker -

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