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3 ways to improve your social media content

Employing social media for your business can be time consuming and sometimes not as rewarding as expected. It’s common to feel defeated by social media, as it can attract the good, the bad, and the ugly from your audience. It takes skill and time to learn what to do and how to thrive. Social media is a massive investment in all industries, as there is a market of 3.78 Billion ‘daily active social media users’, according to Oberlo, which equates to about 48% of the population! This is a market that you and your company should tap into to gain the largest amount of traction for your business. How can you do this? Below are 3 engaging ways to improve your social media content to make sure that you shine from your competition!

A mix of video/images/audio Firstly, you’ll want to vary your content. Think of your audience, if they want to access your product or service, they’ll want to see it in action in a multitude of ways to show how versatile your product or service is. Additionally, it will look amazing! As a consumer, viewing the same mode of content, such as plain graphics, can become tiresome, particularly if they’re the same style. While familiarity of your brand is key, feel free to get creative and stand out. The consumer wants to see your product in as many ways as possible, show them what your business can do!

Stock images vs your own pictures Variety with your presentation of content is imperative! Your audience wants to know your product, so be sure to familiarise them with any photography or videography you’ve made to promote this. Don’t be afraid to use stock images from editing platforms such as Canva, or adobe stock. These can offer a range of options for all kinds of budgets, a free option is available and with a bit of investment for Canva Pro you can obtain unlimited stock images! This will be much more cost effective than running your own photoshoot! Adobe Stock is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps and services, although more expensive than Canva, there are so many options, and if you’re already part of a creative cloud bundle, it would be a shame to not utilize it! Once you blend these ranges of styles you will see your engagement flourish.

The best time to post on each platform Knowing when your audience is online is widely important. You can put as much effort into a post as possible, but may still fall if they’re not seeing it on their profile at a suitable time. The best time to post for your page is completely dependent on your audience, many platforms offer analytics for you to view your engagement, we recommend using this to gain as much traction as possible. Still got any queries or perhaps want a marketing boost from an expert? Our specialist team can offer marketing services. Contact or 0203 086 9980 for this service.

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