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Breathe HR

An important part of any HR solution is having a system in place to manage, track and communicate with your employees as well as manage your HR needs. That is why minc is a partner of Breathe. Breathe HR is a cloud based HR solution that takes the hard work out of managing employees and centralises all your employee information in a simple to use system.

minc people offers the Breathe HR software as part of our HR solution for small and medium businesses. We also include training so that your team feel comfortable using the Breathe software and we are on hand for when any questions arise. 

The reason minc partner with Breathe is because we believe in its capabilities as a service and understand the benefits it can bring to all of our customers. We in turn use Breathe ourselves to manage all of minc's HR requirements, making the most of features such as:

Breathe HR: About

All employee data, all in one place

Centralise all employee information, keeping it organised and accessible from anywhere.

Manage sickness and absence

Make it effortless for your employees to notify you of their sickness, and spot absence trends before they develop.

Track expenses

Easily manage employee expense claims and generate reports to help calculate reports.

Manage holiday requests

Easy access to a shared calendar lets your team see when people are off and makes booking holiday a breeze.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

From start to finish, recruitment is simplified with our user-friendly applicant tracking system.

Enhance performance

Promote professional growth, set achievable goals, and recognise good work.

Breathe HR: Services

If you are looking for a software solution for your HR needs, please get in touch and we can help you get set-up on Breathe. Alternatively, if you would like to trial the software yourself to see the benefits first hand please click here.

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