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Troubleshooting - The benefits of an external pair of eyes on your business

Business troubleshooting is the act of identifying, determining the cause of, and developing solutions to eliminate problems. It’s a fundamental skill for doing good business, but one that’s also easy to muddle and very difficult to master. As a result, the best course of action is often to bring in an external pair of eyes to take a comprehensive look at your business, wherever issues may be arising. Here’s some of the key advantages of troubleshooting your business.

Identifying problems When you’ve been doing business a certain way for a long time, the market may change around you in ways that are imperceptible, causing issues to slowly, but noticeably develop with no obvious solution or cause. This is especially prevalent in SMEs, where drive and intuition can get you quite far when growing your business; but at a certain point, the day-to-day operation can prevent necessary moments of reflection and innovation. Getting a new pair of eyes to troubleshoot your business will often result in the trouble-shooter identifying issues that may not have even occurred to you, fixing issues that you didn’t even realise existed.

Taking an objective look A key disadvantage of keeping your trouble-shooting processes in-house is that emotions and internal politics can often flare up when attempting to institute changes to address problems. Especially if the required change is significant in size and scope, having an external trouble-shooter on hand to take a more cold-hearted and objective look at how your business does things can be a great way to ensure you’re not limiting yourself by your pre-conceived notions of how business should be done, minimising any internal emotional or political responses. Their purpose is to help your business get better at what it does, not to adhere to the usual way of doing things. This allows them to think and act more bullishly and take the necessary steps to make things more efficient and better run.

Expertise Even for the problems you can identify, the solutions are not always immediately clear, or may have brute-force options that would incur huge costs. An external trouble-shooter will be able to use their wealth of experience across the business world to identify the most effective solutions with the most reasonable costs. These may be organisational, process-based or cultural, providing the kinds of fundamental operational change that can really make a difference to how a business works. Furthermore, this expertise becomes even more valuable when it’s dealing with complicated but important compliance processes like accounting or HR, the aspects of business that are so important to get right. Minc offer a range of consultancy and trouble-shooting services that can help you fix problems with your business quickly and effectively. Find out more here.

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