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Are you maximising your working day?

The commute is an often neglected part of the day, usually spent despairing that you’re on a crowded tube train or stuck in traffic. It doesn’t have to be like this though! The commute is valuable time you could be using to put yourself in the right mindset, learn a new skill or reflect on your career. Here are some great ways to make the most of your commute. Furthermore, they’ll help to wake you up by engaging you early in the day!

Keep up with the latest news

News is easier than ever to consume, with daily briefing-style podcasts available from every major national publication. The current events of the day are likely to have an impact on your business, such as rising inflation, the war in Ukraine, and the cost of living crisis, but there are also podcasts and other commute-friendly resources available for nearly every industry, sector and function, offering cutting-edge insights and best practice for whatever you do. Do some research and find some good resources that work for you and your preferred method of commuting.

Gain a skill

Again, there are plenty of different ways to gain a new skill in short bursts throughout the day. For example, there are a variety of apps available to learn languages and improve your mental maths skills or your vocabulary through quick, interactive tasks that can get your brain moving before you even get to work. It may take some commitment to see some real results due to the quickness of the interactions, but they are sure to add up if you’re willing to put the time in.

Read fiction

This may initially seem counterproductive to starting your day right, why immerse yourself in a fictional world when you could be learning some hard facts or gaining a skill? However, the more loose and free-form style of fiction engages your brain in a different, but in some ways more meaningful, way. Thinking about different people and situations and guessing what may come next in a plot can provide insights that may help you in business, developing your more qualitative and people skills such as empathy, self-awareness, and keeping an open mind when being exposed to new information. It will also help expand your philosophy, helping you be more sure of yourself and your values.

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