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minc management

We understand that running a small and medium business is a constant hive of activity and fluidity.

As part of our services we help small and medium sized businesses in three distinct areas of their management, all designed to help the business owner and leadership team focus on the right things leaving us to manage and resolve the details


Strategy Support

Setting the right long term strategy for the business requires a different skill set to managing the day to day activities. Creating the vision and blueprint for the future is a valuable exercise in determining what the organisation will look like, future funding and cashflow requirements. It also allows you to understand how the business responds to influences in its business environment. Our experts can help you define the right strategy to take your business to the next level.


Change management

Managing change has a different focus, and requires better communication and presentation skills, a more people focused approach and an ability to contextualise the future successful state. From managing change with many companies we understand what it takes to deliver change successfully.


Project management

Managing projects requires experience, skill and knowledge. We understand the need to manage sometimes conflicting demands of time, cost and quality when undertaking a project and what the implications on the business and the staff are. With a background in project management, minc is perfectly placed to help you through the process.

Neil’s insight has been and continues to be invaluable and he has been a key member of the team building our understanding of how the future demands of the industry will impact productivity, emerging skills needs, and efficiency. Thank you to Neil and minc for your ongoing support and we look forward to continuing working together and driving change.

- Neil Robertson, Chief Executive, National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR)