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Simple methods to increase your engagement on social media

The most important thing to do when you are trying to boost engagement on social media is to add value to your audience. We are all guilty of trying to sell too much online, buy this product, subscribe to this service, pushing out unengaging messages. While you need to tell people about what it is that you offer, being sold to ...

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How can small businesses maximise staff training?

For many larger businesses, the implementation and completion of employee training can often seem like a tick boxing exercise and something their staff may see as an added distraction or pointless task, detracting from their day to day work. This is a perception and too commonly found routine that needs to change in order for t...

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The economic case for reskilling staff

Many businesses are reluctant to implement reskilling and training for their employees or do so in a way that isn’t strategic and meaningful. Some may be concerned about cost, or there may be a lack of clarity about where training may be required. Expanding your business’ capability and skillset is often thought of through the ...

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