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The five biggest mistakes business' makes on social media

We are all guilty of making mistakes, but when we make the same mistakes consistently it becomes a problem. Looking at the mistakes made by businesses on their social media channels, they may not have dramatic consequences individually, but collectively, over a sustained period of time are holding businesses back from reaching t...

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How can I build a social media audience for my business?

The coronavirus outbreak has forced all of us to slow down somewhat and break our normal fast paced routines. While this is a difficult time for businesses it can also present itself as an opportunity to stop and think about where the business is now, where you can to take it and ultimately how you will get there.


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Five ways to protect your business over the coming months

The impact of the coronavirus on businesses has been and will continue to be massive. Many businesses will have already had to cut costs, lay off staff, and may have unfortunately closed altogether.

There are also many businesses who are still fighting as hard as they can to make sure they still exist once things ...

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