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Managing change: What to consider

We talk a lot about what to change on this blog, whether that be something smaller like which social media network to focus your marketing on or massive ways of reorienting your business in light of new technologies or market forces. What we are yet to discuss is how best to manage that change. It’s all well and good directing ...

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The benefits of training your team - External workshop providers

As a business owner, and especially an SME owner, it’s often advantageous to try to upskill and train your existing staff rather than bring new staff in. But what’s the best way to target, develop and deliver your training strategy? One of the sure-fire ways to get good ROI on your training spend is to bring in an external work...

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Troubleshooting - The benefits of an external pair of eyes on your business

Business troubleshooting is the act of identifying, determining the cause of, and developing solutions to eliminate problems. It’s a fundamental skill for doing good business, but one that’s also easy to muddle and very difficult to master. As a result, the best course of action is often to bring in an external pair of eyes to ...

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