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Marketing trends on the horizon for 2022

Marketing trends now more than ever are building on social media engagement over older forms of advertisement, such as print, or TV advertisement. From TikTok to Chatbots, social and web media can shape a brand and help it explode!

Influencer Marketing
Using influencers to market your produc...

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5 key skills to look out for when hiring a new member of staff

When hiring new members of staff it is essential to consider what you and your workplace value for your customers. What skills should your staff have when approaching situations, particularly difficult situations? Testing what you and your brand value may be the key to a productive and rewarding workplace.

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Is working from home making you depressed?

Working from home, for many, has had its perks. There is no long commute and for many a better work-life balance. However, these perks can be outweighed by the cons. For lots of workers, working from home has been an overwhelmingly negative experience, and for some has resulted in new depressive behaviour and experiences. ...

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