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minc people

At minc we understand that every company has people needs but may not currently employ any HR resources.

We know that some of the challenges may include managing HR issues and employee concerns, creating policies & procedures and staff handbooks, hiring and recruiting new staff effectively, training and developing your team, understanding the legal and compliance stuff, retaining employees and developing reward schemes, managing a difficult employee situation and that you might occasionally need help but not in a full time or expensive capacity

By subscribing with us, we help manage your people issues so that you don’t get bogged down in issues that distract you from running the business. Our key services to you include:



The assurance that your people issues are being managed by fully qualified HR professionals. Our team is effectively your outsourced Human Resource team but only when you need us


HR Infrastructure

The help in putting the processes in place to attract and retain the people you need to successfully grow your business.


Professional advice when needed

The provision of prompt advice to you and your management team so that difficult and potentially legally sensitive people issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner.



As we offer our services flexibly, we can give you the level of support that you actually need when you need it, rather than paying for it all the time, and you decide how you want our support - available remotely over the phone or in your office – it’s all your choice