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minc technology

Social media has become an integral part of society, and taking full advantage of it requires careful strategic planning.

At minc, we can effectively manage your social media channels and manage your communities by creating and publishing original content on your pages as well as engaging with audiences and growing communities on these platforms. The frequency of posts depends on the industry and audience and will be determined in your strategy.


Social Media Channels

We will create/maintain your social media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.



minc will align your company strategy with a bespoke social media marketing strategy identifying focused goals and networks enabling minc to produce stand-out content pushing your most meaningful messages onto your desired target audience. 


Content Creation and Planning

minc will create a tailored marketing, communications and social media plan aligned with your business objectives and goals.


Insights and Reporting

minc will provide a detailed report outlining audience growth, brand visibility, and engagement metrics. The report will provide insights into your top performing content, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations for the future efforts.