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HR support during COVID19

The team at minc is aware of the significant difficulties that businesses are facing as they manage through the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown. From working with our clients, we also understand that HR is an area where some businesses are particularly struggling at the moment as they try and strike a balance between looking after staff and how best to support their business.

These are unprecedented times and as a business, we want to help where we can. minc people can support your HR needs, provide advice and help your business get through this period. Below are some of the areas where we can help. Please utilise us and get in touch.



Unfortunately for some businesses the process of furloughing staff is not enough on its own and they have to make redundancies.

Whilst the COVID19 outbreak is an unprecedented situation it is still vital to abide by your obligations as an employer and ensure any redundancies are handled correctly.


Managing furlough

Businesses have already had to place staff on furlough but there are a lot of businesses that may find themselves having to do the same thing or place a greater number of employees on the scheme.

The HR experts at minc have already supported a number of our customers through the process of furloughing staff and are on hand to help your business too. Whether this be managing everything for you or simply acting as an advisor as and when you need support.


Holiday, payroll and wellbeing

Coronavirus has and continues to provide HR challenges across the board for businesses. As expected, most of the talk is about furlough and redundancies but we also understand there are other parts of usual HR procedure that have been made more difficult.

Your business may now find itself with a much more complex payroll procedure, you may be unsure about how best to manage holiday entitlements and of course keeping on top of employee wellbeing at a time like this is key.

minc people can support you in all these areas.


COVID19 policy documents

For many businesses, the coronavirus outbreak has highlighted some of the key policy documents that they didn't have in place. It is also likely that once the current lockdown is lifted there will still be measures in place meaning more policy documents may need to be created.

The minc people team can support you with the creation and amendments of documents to ensure your business and workplace complies with current regulation.