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Five ways to protect your business over the coming months

The impact of the coronavirus on businesses has been and will continue to be massive. Many businesses will have already had to cut costs, lay off staff, and may have unfortunately closed altogether.

There are also many businesses who are still fighting as hard as they can to make sure they still exist once things ...

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5 ways to remain productive whilst working from home

You would certainly be forgiven for feeling uneasy and anxious following the Coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak which is currently and will continue to have a large impact on all of us over the coming weeks and months.

Every day we hear the numbers of cases in each country increasing and more and more measures being ...

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Is flexible work the future of employment?

Offering flexible working hours and contracts is all the rage at the moment across many industries. This can come in various forms including job sharing (two individuals fulfilling the equivalent one full brief) or flexitime where employees can fit their working hours around core times and changing working hours (this can be to...

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